Nvidia dominated most of the GPU market in the year 2016

Currently there are two main contenders, when it comes to GPU. Nvidia and AMD, though there are fans from both sides. But let’s really see which company is doing well, when it comes to the GPU market. According to the latest report, by Dr. Jon Peddie the green team has been doing good compared to AMD. The reason being Nvidia’s Pascal line-up. Which offers better performance, over their last gen GPU architecture named Maxwell.

Image Source: wccftech

As you can clearly see from the chart. Nvidia still has 70 percent of the entire GPU market. Where AMD is struggling a lot to capture what’s left. The reason being no advancement in their GPU line up. AMD did launch their new Polaris architecture. But the company solely paid attention on the budget gaming market, instead of the high end GPU market. Yes, there is a demand for budget gaming GPU’s. But the demand of high end GPU’s is a lot more.

It the year of 4k Gaming and unless one has a beefy GPU. Like the GTX 1080 or Titan XP from Nvidia. Smooth and playable experience is not possible. According to Dr. Jon Peddie “The graphics add-in board market has defied gravity for over a year now, showing gains while the overall PC market slips. The silly notion of integrated graphics “catching up, with discrete will hopefully be put to rest now”

If you don’t know add-in board or AIB stands for companies like MSI, XFX etc. Who come up with their own custom build GPU from both Nvidia and AMD. They are the only reason the GPU market is still alive till this date. As the demand for gaming have always been high on the PC side. According to the report these AIB companies have helped to increase the GPU market by 5.6 % in the year 2016. While the overall PC gaming market saw an increase of 19.4 %.

Though AMD is seeing low numbers on their side. But personally I think that is going to change soon. As the company is waiting to launch their VEGA GPU soon. Which are targeted towards both the budget and high end gaming market. Said to be rivaling the green teams Pascal line up.


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