MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard with RGB Lighting

Motherboard is an important part of building a PC, as it acts as a base. Though while making a high end PC. Buying the right motherboard is the most important part. If the user wants to use it for overclocking down the line. When it comes to reliable PC hardware, buyers can always count on MSI. With the launch of Intel’s new Broadwell E CPU. MSI has launched a new refreshed version of their gaming X99 series motherboard.

The new motherboard from MSI is called, MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon. Though it’s not the most expensive motherboard, that MSI has to offer. But does get the job done and can be a future proof motherboard as well. MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon carries its name. As the heat sinks on the motherboard has this carbon fiber texture to it. While RGB lighting is also present on the motherboard. Where the color of the RGB lighting can be adjusted, according to its user’s taste.

Aside from the fancy RGB lighting and quality build. The motherboard is also equipped with 4 PCIE slots, compatible with both SLI and Crossfire. Keep in mind that MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon is made for gamers and overclocking enthusiasts. So if you are not one of them, then there is no point in buying one.


The BIOS on the MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon has also been updated, to support the latest Broadwell E processors from Intel. Personally I always like, how MSI designs their UI for their motherboards. Making it easy for even beginners to figure out where things are. And how to operate everything. MSI BIOS lets you monitor everything from CPU temperature to fan speed etc.

RGB lighting is the new trend in enthusiast PC market and having a motherboard with RGB does have an impact onhow the entire system looks. MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard is currently being sold at an MSRP of $329.



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