YN 85mm F1.8 Lens Of Yongnua is Now Available In The Market, Canon and Nokon In the Mount Stage For Longrun

Yongnuo has declares its full-outline 85mm F1.8 focal point, for Canon and in the long run Nikon mounts. This financial plan inviting focal point, which intently looks like Canon’s 85mm F1.8, initially surfaced a few months prior. It highlights 9 components in 6 bunches, and additionally a 0.85m least centering separation, a 58mm channel width, and a general weight of around 460g/16oz. It’s offered Canon EF mount now, with reports indicating a Nikon form coming soon.

Yongnuo declared the dispatch on its Facebook page, where it is additionally giving without end three focal points for testing. The focal point includes an AF/MF change and as indicated by its B&H posting, gold-plated contacts. The new focal point is evaluated at $177 at B&H, however is as of now put in a raincheck for.


you can really observe the focal point in one of Yongnuo’s own item pictures. In a photograph of the whole Yongnuo focal point line, you see the two 50mm and 35mm focal points (Canon and Nikon), the new 100mm Canon focal point, and one more focal point that hasn’t been declared yet a 85mm.

Lamentably the focal point is a touch out of concentrate, so we can’t exactly make sense of the correct specs, however give its size and the 58mm(?) channel string composed as an afterthought, we’re expecting f/1.8. Furthermore, as NR brought up, the outline is greatly like the Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM, following in the strides of the almost indistinguishable YN 100mm f/2 clone “declared” yesterday.


On the off chance that it is a Canon 85mm f/1.8 clone, we can likewise pretty precisely conjecture about the cost. The Canon focal point keeps running about $350, which most likely means a $100-$150 sticker price for the Yongnuo “knock off.” Stay tuned, and we’ll make sure to tell you when this focal point is formally declared.


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