iPhone 8: The biggest and the most authentic leaks by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple’s flagship of 2017 is not so far, Apple has made drastic changes in the design of iPhne 8. iPhone 8 will have an edge to edge display is likely to break all the previous record and stood innovation giant. But this is not much information, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has given the answers few questions. iPhone 8 likely to be launch 4.7 inches or maybe 5.15 inches display.

Kou predicts the OLED display in iPhone 8:

The Kuo predicts that the iPhone 8 display would be OLED display and not the edgeless a thin bezel at top and bottom of the phone. The functional area would be a taskbar a recently launched feature in MacBook Pro. iPhone 8 would be squeezed to iPhone 7 Plus size.

3D laser technology- iPhone 8:

If the above information is enough with respect new specs and features of the phone but there few other rumors lurking about the new touch ID patents which suggest that maybe equip in iPhone 8.Kuo writes Apple may add security verification advanced with face detection. Well, it is hard to imagine up til now Apple doing what with the hardware of the phone. Some reports point out that Apple incorporating 3D laser technology to avail robust verification system for face detection. Apple has planned to add both face detection and touch ID to next generation phone.

The wireless charging, the price tag $1000 plus:

As far as the Kuo has issued a report infect research note a that Apple has not intended to work on the battery of iPhone 8 because of good results of iPhone 7 logic border design as it is working good. iPhone 8 would be more power efficient due to its OLED display in comparison with current LCD screen on iPhone 7 model. As the display technology is changed with respect battery reservation to make it power efficient.

The most awaited feature of iPhone is the wireless charging, it is becoming clear now the Apple would be ready to launch in the next generation as well as it is the hottest topic in the rumor mill. The estimated price is more than $1000 due to advancement in display and engineering art of wireless battery charging. The customers are also very ambitious for the upcoming phone they will probably face a price satisfaction for the next generation phone.

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