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As a result of the conflict, co-founder of Playdead studio was paid $ 7.2 million for leaving the company.

The Danish edition of Borsen revealed the details of the conflict between the founders of Playdead studio, Arnt Jensen and Dino Patti. Patty was forced to leave the company, for which he received $ 7.2 million.

Dino Patti, co-founder of Playdead Studio

Disagreements between the founders of Playdead began in 2015. Jensen and Patty quarreled, figuring out which of them own the rights to the games studio. Since then, co-owners have negotiated only through lawyers and have not been contacted personally.

In November 2015, Jensen said that he was looking for new ways for creative self-realization. Patty took it as a refusal to work together and removed the co-founder from the studio’s leadership position. Lawyers Jensen explained that he refused only the position of the creative director, but not the founder of the company.

As a result, the Danish authorities intervened in the proceedings, forcing Patti to step down and take compensation in the amount of $ 7.2 million for a 49% stake in Playdead. Jensen declined to comment.

In an interview with Borsen, Patti compared the conflict with the divorce process. All the problems he took very close to his heart.

Playdead Studio is known for Limbo and Inside games. Both projects received high press ratings and awards at ceremonies such as The Game Awards and Game Developers Conference.


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