Shadow Warrior 2 Not Doing Anything With CrossPlays or Nintendo Switch, Devs Super Skeptical on VR

For PC launched in October, Shadow Warrior 2. The previous version in 2013 was originally the reboot of 1997`s hit, developed originally by 3D Realms In the first three months, the sequel proved to be quite successful, when the game was reviewed. Rated at 8.8/10 by Dave, giving a high praise to the Wild Flying Hog.


It would be a battle to not suggest Shadow Warrior 2, it’s quite recently excessively magnificent. Running, gunning and chopping down foes is strengthening, and the activity never eases up for even a moment. The comical inclination won’t be’s some tea, however cut-scenes and exchange are constantly skippable, quite recently on the off chance that you truly need to get once more into the activity.

FPS fans, Shadow Warrior 2 is recently splendid, stupid, fun. You will love putting your time and cash in this unseemly and somewhat incredible shooter, trust me.

The game has made the list of the best shooter games released in the year of 2016 with the console release with some point in Q2 2017, as said by Flying Wild Hog`s “Tadeusz Zielinski” about the additional updates on the games and the studio stance on the hot topics like the virtual reality, Nintendo Switch and cross platform play.

Lately the press release about the Shadow Warrior 2 was a hit that can afford to have a Wang DLC for free. Is this the moment we should expect more DLC expansion, maybe with a price tag this time. When it comes to the price tags it is obvious that the devolver CFO Fork Parker decision is, a cheap bastard. So we can guarantee all for “Free” but we are working on some of the more additions in the Shadow Warrior 2

For release in April or may, Shadow Warrior 2 on consoles. Can you nail it down to a specific month for us?

No, as we have not seen any of the official dates yet and we can’t share any of the information on this subject right now.

What comes in your mind when you think of Nintendo Switch? Are you considering whether to release your games on the platform or you are reaching out to it?

There are some people in the company who are fond of Nintendo, but that doesn’t mean that we are planning to be doing anything with Nintendo Switch, Except for buying it to the new Zelda Game
Are you evaluating cross plays between the platforms? Because the game also supports online cooperative play!

On cross plays, there are no plans as it is super tricky to introduce and not because of the technological problems, the reason behind it is that Sony will not make a crossplay with Microsoft kind of things.

With Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and HTC Vive finally out, fan request must be on hype to make the game VR compatible. Is that a possibility down the road?

When it comes to VR we are super skeptic. Some of the graphics are good but the many are not. Shadow Warrior 2 and Flying Wild Hog Games in general are too fanatic and fast to work well with technology, so from now on we are not planning to do anything with VR.


What do you think about Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro as far as execution? Is it sufficiently effective to convey 4K gaming?

PS4Pro is an awesome redesign over base PS4. the CPU didn’t get a major redesign, however GPU is a mammoth. It additionally makes them intrigue equipment highlights, which help with accomplishing 4K determination without depending on savage constrain.

PS4 Pro’s designer Mark Cerny said that the comfort acquaints the capacity with perform two 16-bit operations in the meantime, rather than one 32-bit operation. He proposed this can possibly “profoundly increment the execution of recreations”, do you concur with this appraisal?

Yes. Half exactness (16 bit) guidelines are an extraordinary component. They were utilized some time prior in Geforce FX, yet didn’t figure out how to pick up ubiquity and were dropped. It’s a pity on the grounds that most operations needn’t bother with full buoy (32 bit) accuracy and it’s a waste to utilize full buoy exactness for them. With half accuracy directions, we could increase much better execution without giving up picture quality.

The first game to support HDR was Shadow Warrior 2, can we expect both Xbox one S and Playstation 4 to Feature HDR?

Most likely HDR will not be supported by Xbox One S and Playstation 4 due to time constraints.

Which enhancements are you preparing, Will Shadow Warrior 2 support PS4 Pro at launch?
Yes, but there are no specific enhancements planned for the release, it will support PS4Pro.
Will Hard Reset Redux receive a PS4 Pro patch, too?
There are no such plans now.


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