In search of the top platforms for financial assistance? Well, look no further because you’re about to embark on a journey to discover the best websites where you can seek financial help. Whether you’re striving to launch your dream business or swimming in a sea of debt and financial turmoil, there’s a good chance you can find a helping hand online.

    Let’s rewind and take a closer look at these fantastic platforms where you can ask for financial assistance online. Be prepared to dive into a world of online generosity where your appeal can resonate with compassionate individuals. Buckle up as we explore these 20 websites where you can request financial aid from benevolent souls.

    Now, let’s dive into these platforms and understand how to harness their potential to reach out to kind-hearted individuals willing to extend a helping hand.

    And here’s a fun fact: Don’t be fooled into thinking that these platforms are only for launching businesses. They serve a much broader purpose, addressing a myriad of daily needs.

    Key Takeaways

    • Multiple online platforms cater to various financial assistance needs.
    • Websites like Begging Money, GoFundMe, and FundMyTravel offer a platform to share your story and request donations for personal, medical, or creative projects.
    • Seeking online support provides a level of anonymity, reducing potential embarrassment, and connects individuals with a global community eager to help.

    20 Websites to Beg for Money Online You’re now standing at the crossroads of generosity, with a map of 20 websites where you can beseech financial help. Follow my guidance, and you may just discover the support you’re looking for.

    1. Begging Money For those wondering where to beg for money online, Begging Money is your haven. This platform is a sanctuary for individuals grappling with financial challenges. If you can artfully express your need, you’re likely to find benevolent patrons ready to back your cause.

    Begging Money doesn’t siphon off any fees from your donations, much like CyberBeg. Every penny goes directly into your PayPal account. And to ward off imposters, a link is a prerequisite.

    Requesting assistance on Begging Money is straightforward. Just pen a 400-word appeal elucidating your financial predicament and select a relevant category for your request. For instance, if your plea pertains to dental expenses, choose the “Dental” category.

    Each request should be accompanied by one pertinent original photo (e.g., your dental bill).

    2. GoFundMe GoFundMe is a giant among social fundraising platforms, with a community of over 50 million individuals who’ve raised an astounding $9 billion. While it caters to businesses, entrepreneurs, and people, it predominantly focuses on charitable causes, especially medical expenses.

    Be aware that GoFundMe levies a 3% service fee on the funds you raise if you opt to fundraise on the platform.

    When you sign up on GoFundMe, you’ll find an array of causes to champion, spanning medical, emergency, memorial, education, nonprofit, newlywed, faith, family, and many more.

    3. FundMyTravel FundMyTravel is your go-to platform if you’re searching for where to beg for money online. It serves as a haven for those seeking financial support for domestic or international travel and other travel-related projects.

    You can create a personalized campaign page and share it with the FundMyTravel community and your circle of supporters. Do note that the platform charges a 5% administrative fee on each deposit into your account.

    Donations are delivered to your account immediately, irrespective of whether you’ve reached your fundraising goal. Beyond leisure travel, FundMyTravel can also cater to urgent family matters, work, school, or volunteerism.

    4. Kickstarter When you think about the best platforms to beg for money online, Kickstarter is a clear standout. It boasts millions of backers ready to fuel your creative projects with the financial backing you require.

    Differing from sites like GoFundMe, Kickstarter mandates that your projects meet their fundraising targets within a stipulated timeframe before you can access your funds.

    Should your campaign achieve success, you must offer rewards to your backers, which vary depending on your project. For instance, if you’re launching a board game, backers who pledge different amounts receive corresponding rewards (e.g., trading cards for $10 pledges and a special edition board game for $500 pledges).

    Kickstarter is undeniably the route for those with an exceptionally artistic vision.

    5. Indiegogo Indiegogo is the place to go if you’ve got something intriguing to share with the world. This renowned platform for online fundraising offers diverse project options, allowing you to run charitable campaigns as long as they’re lawful.

    Their marketplace brims with innovative tech, design, and other ingenious concepts. By supporting these projects, individuals can gain early access to products not yet widely available in the market.

    Indiegogo’s InDemand, featuring no fundraising target or deadline constraints, enables you to extend your campaign if it has received only partial funding. Plus, customers who’ve made purchases through Indiegogo will receive a refund should you fail to meet your shipping deadlines.

    6. Fundly Much like Indiegogo, Fundly bestows the power to craft campaigns of your choosing. This website, having facilitated the raising of over $330 million, imposes no ‘raising prerequisites’ and entails no startup costs.

    Upon landing on their homepage, you’re prompted to select whether you’re an individual or a nonprofit. If you’re an individual, you can conveniently sign in using your Facebook account. You can even filter categories, exploring everything from the most popular projects to memorials and excursions to witness successful campaign strategies.

    Fundly excels in fostering simple ways to connect with those who support your project. Donations are processed within 24-48 hours of receipt, and they accommodate partial funding.

    7. Reddit For those pondering, “Where can I beg for money online?” Reddit is an intriguing avenue to explore. Generous individuals can be found donating money on subreddits like #RandomKindness.

    In addition to monetary assistance, this platform is a treasure trove for people eager to help others in various ways, such as sharing video game login credentials or sending warm birthday wishes to your mom. Keep in mind that you’ll need a minimum of 300 comment karma to post on this subreddit.

    Beyond money, you’ll uncover additional subreddits dedicated to acts of kindness. For instance, ‘Random Acts of Amazon’ sees people buying gifts for one another, while ‘Random Acts of Pizza’ is your avenue to delicious surprise pizza deliveries.

    8. Cyberbeg Cyberbeg stands as an excellent website to seek financial support from wealthy individuals. It dubs itself “The Cyber Beggars site for Cyber begging,” and rightly so, as it connects those in need of financial aid with generous souls looking to contribute.

    Cyberbeg doesn’t skim any percentage from your overall revenue when someone donates to your cause, which is indeed remarkable. The only fees you’ll encounter are the service fees levied by PayPal, as all donations are credited to your PayPal account.

    Cyberbeg encompasses a wide array of requests, ranging from individuals striving to cover their bills to those seeking education and medical assistance.

    9. Fundable Are you launching a business and in dire need of startup funds? Fundable is a remarkable choice. Trusted by hundreds of businesses, it’s perfect if you possess a robust business concept and unwavering commitment.

    As one of the top platforms to beg for money, Fundable has already helped its members amass a whopping $571 million.

    This platform provides you with the flexibility to offer rewards or equity. Opting for rewards allows you to raise funds by taking preorders or selling your goods, whereas equity permits you to offer shares of your business in exchange for financial backing.

    If you’re grappling with the quandary of what products to sell, consider exploring creative custom items. offers a vast selection of custom keychains in bulk, giving you the opportunity to design your unique personalized keychains. These custom keychains can also double as promotional tools for your brand and products.

    Fundable doesn’t just serve as a fundraising platform; it also acts as a potent marketing tool. With an in-depth profile, you can promote your business to media, loved ones, clients, and colleagues while championing your cause.

    10. Ko-fi Ko-fi is the perfect alternative for creative souls on a quest to answer the age-old question, “Where can I ask for money online?” This platform enables anyone to contribute to your ongoing artistic and creative endeavors.

    Ko-fi specifically caters to creatives, including bloggers, podcasters, illustrators, and more, who require financial support to bring their dream projects to life. It distinguishes itself from other platforms designed for charitable or commercial use.

    Much like other crowdfunding websites, Ko-fi necessitates linking to your PayPal account to facilitate small, one-click donations. The brilliance of Ko-fi lies in the freedom it provides for contributors to give without feeling compelled to part with significant sums of money. As the platform proudly states, it’s a “pleasant and free way for fans to support your work for the price of a coffee.”

    Ko-fi offers two versions: Ko-fi Gold and the free version. The former features monthly subscriptions at $6 a month and lets you receive commissions from the site.

    11. JustGiving JustGiving’s mission is to ensure that “no great cause goes unpaid.” This online charity platform offers a haven for those in search of compassionate donors willing to provide financial aid.

    Since its inception in 2000, this platform has raised over $4.5 billion in support of causes across 164 different countries.

    JustGiving creates a bridge connecting you with kind-hearted individuals who are willing to support your fundraising endeavors for a noble cause. Your cause is marketed to over 22 million people through a multitude of channels by JustGiving.

    As a tech-first company, JustGiving has continuously enhanced its donation flows and capabilities, making it easier for you to successfully raise money for your cause. You can also customize any fundraising page to align with your brand’s colors and enhance it with donation buttons, widgets, and APIs.

    The platform retains 2 to 5% of your donations and Gift Aid contributions, depending on the funds received. Be prepared to pay a membership fee for this service.

    12. Begslist If you’re seeking a platform to ask for money online, Begslist is a valuable resource. It caters to individuals in need of additional funds, particularly when financial troubles weigh them down.

    Begslist also offers the option of remaining anonymous, which is incredibly helpful when you require emergency financial support without the burden of public panhandling.

    Most requests on the platform originate from people struggling to make ends meet, recently losing their jobs, drowning in debt, requiring assistance with medical expenses, or dealing with unemployment.

    To kickstart your journey on Begslist, simply create a profile on and choose the appropriate category for your request. You can seek aid for business, the arts, healthcare, financial emergencies, education, disaster relief, and various other subjects. Begslist doesn’t impose any charges to initiate a campaign but will deduct 5% of your funds for its services.

    13. Rally Rally isn’t just a platform to ask for money online; it’s an easy-to-use narrative platform designed for people eager to raise funds and spread awareness. Since its inception, Rally has assisted over 25,000 organizations and individuals in addressing their challenges, sharing their passions, and galvanizing communities.

    If you’re pondering, “Where can I beg for money online?” you’ll find one of Rally’s 5 million users to champion your cause. With Rally, you can craft an appealing fundraising page that accepts both credit card and eCheck contributions. All campaign pages are integrated with social sharing features to enable you to amplify your fundraiser among friends, both in person and online.

    To date, countless organizations have harnessed Rally’s capabilities to coordinate disaster relief, fund films, launch businesses, cover college tuition, and serve various other purposes. Your donations are subject to a transaction cost of 5%, which includes a 2.9% credit card/bank processing fee plus 30 cents.

    14. Fund Me Positioned as the most recognized crowdfunding website, Fund Me has raised approximately $3 billion since its establishment in 2010. Users craft campaigns targeting specific goals, specifying the amount they aim to raise, and developing interactive campaigns that track the campaign’s progress.

    To make your campaign a success, you must disseminate information through your social media platforms and enlist the support of friends who share your content on their platforms.

    GoFundMe handles the collection of funds, which are subsequently released to the beneficiary. If your campaign hits its target, you can choose to continue accepting donations or terminate the campaign.

    15. FundRazr If you’re considering internet panhandling, FundRazr is an excellent tool to explore. It simplifies the process of launching a campaign, securing funding, and cashing out.

    The platform offers a free sign-up, allowing you to creatively and compellingly express your story using words, images, and videos. FundRazr also provides guidance and advice to ensure that your campaign maximizes its potential.

    Once your campaign is underway, you can promote it through all your social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, websites, blogs, and email. Successful online campaigns receive payments through a variety of channels, including PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards.

    16. Giving Forward / YouCaring This company operates a crowdfunding platform catering to charity, medical, and personal causes. One unique aspect is that it doesn’t deduct payment from funds raised through the platform.

    Moreover, the website pays successful campaigns using various methods, including PayPal and credit cards. The company has recently partnered with GoFundMe to establish itself as one of the largest online crowdfunding platforms.

    With more than 7.5 million supporters and over $500 million raised, Giving Forward / YouCaring has the potential to connect you with compassionate individuals willing to extend a helping hand.

    17. Plum Fund Plum Fund stands out as a platform that doesn’t subtract any fees from individual donor gifts. It’s a free platform with no setup costs, and donations are accepted in cash, checks, or through other online payment systems, directly benefiting the campaign organizer.

    However, please note that Plum Fund is currently accessible only to residents of the US and Canada. If you wish to utilize the platform outside of these countries, get in touch with their website. To maximize contributions, make sure your campaign is as captivating as possible.

    Plum Fund is one of the most versatile platforms, allowing fundraising for nearly every occasion imaginable. This includes weddings, retirement, baby showers, anniversaries, graduations, trips, funerals, sporting events, and medical emergencies.

    18. Patreon Patreon’s unique approach enables creators to set up benefits for paying customers, providing fans with exclusive access to their work in exchange for financial contributions. Artists and creators can raise money online through this innovative platform.

    One distinctive feature of Patreon is that payments continue after a campaign ends, allowing interested contributors to stay updated on the artist’s progress. Artists can personalize their pages as they see fit, with options to create tiers offering fans wider and deeper access as they donate more.

    On Patreon, you’ll find a wide range of tiers, each priced differently, ranging from $5 to $100,000.

    19. BoostUp BoostUp is primarily designed for long-term crowdsourcing goals. It connects to your bank account, ensuring money is credited to your account immediately. The platform combines donations and savings accounts, making it a unique and convenient approach.

    BoostUp has brand partners and businesses that may be interested in and willing to donate to your cause. Currently, the website does not offer a free savings service, so you can reach out for additional information through their website if needed.

    20. Crowdrise Crowdrise is a for-profit platform for crowdfunding donations for charities. What sets it apart is its friendly and enjoyable approach to asking for money, enhancing donor appeal.

    The platform encourages users to engage in fundraising by gamifying the experience and awarding points. Crowdrise charges a 5% fee for website upkeep.

    If you’re in need of tips to attract financial support, we’ve got an eye-opening article with strategies to compel people to contribute.

    In Conclusion Financial challenges can be daunting, but you don’t have to face them alone. Don’t suffer in silence. Explore the multitude of options available to ask for money online. You might be pleasantly surprised by the countless individuals who empathize with your situation and are willing to offer financial assistance.

    What’s more, the internet’s cloak of anonymity will alleviate the stress and embarrassment that may accompany direct peer-to-peer begging. So go ahead and take that digital leap to seek the financial aid you need.